It’s all just a work in progress

I am flawed and feeling vulnerable.

Anytime you start something new its always a terrifying experience. In the past I’d give myself the same pep-talk:

Head High, shoulders back. Walk like you own it and then it won’t feel so new.

Whatever it happened to be. And it worked most of the time. Sure there were still the jitters of newness. But hidden behind that message that this was just one step on the path. Newness wears off eventually and what once was hard becomes a part of your routine. What happens though when taking one step forward turns into walking blindly? Ignoring the many paths that life throws our way instead to chase after a routine that is no longer your own.

set a goal, make a goal make a new goal set a goal, dont make the goal make a new goal its a never ending race

You know that dream you have where you are trying to get somewhere and you just keep going and going but the road is moving and you just don’t seem to be getting anywhere that’s kinda what it feels like when we are constantly just looking for that “the end”

When we are looking for “When I reach this I will be complete “When I reach this I will be done “When I reach this – this will happen but then it really doesn’t. it never works out the way you think its going to – good or bad.  - that is inevitable.

However here my secret to life – It’s okay.

It’s okay that things feel hard and like you are not going to be able to get through it, until you do. It’s okay that the outcome is never how we expect.

Life is just funny that way. I think in this way life is really just a series of events. That anything we do is really never complete. Little things are complete – but life is always just one big journey. A series of work in progress..

Work in Progress art

We are much better off seeing it to be a work in progress. Whatever it is that you are working on. Wouldn’t it be more fun to say:

I’m trying to do that, I’m working on it. I don’t know when its going to be done – but its fun. I consider it a work in progress

It means that it doesn’t have to be perfect It means that it can be good and it can be great

And more importantly: It does not have to be anything more then what you want it to be.

When you commit to being a work in progress you are saying that you are capable of doing whatever because you know that there is no end point to your learning, there is no end point to your adventure There is no end point to what you can accomplish So you can set the goal, you can have a deadline – but instead of saying when I get x done this will happen say:

this is just one path on my journey and then I am going to follow a different path: its all a work in progress.

starting the journey

Trying something new and letting my old habits go.

Mentioned in the video Your Courageous Life

(behind me is a rainbow blanket made by my amazing twin sister, artwork by my beautiful daughter)